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Pilgrim Psychiatric ward was once a flourishing and competent institution that dealt with its fair share of mental patients, but is most recognized for it's handling of the criminally insane. It was operated by the local church, many of the care-takers were nuns and priests who made a good showing of genuinely wanting to help its residents. Though truth of the matter was that no one ever admitted to the asylum ever saw the outside again. On more than once occasion their methods were questionable-- inhumane for that matter. Yet no one dared investigated the case and eventually the controversy died out. After all, they were just a bunch of messed up murderers and rapists inside, right? No one was willing to stand up for their rights and so procedures ceased to make changes. That was until a patient escaped his confinements and went on a murdering rampage throughout the grounds, killing employees and other residents a like. It was all in the newspapers for months afterwards. The body count was unimaginable and what was worse was they could not find the patient who had done this after wards. After much media coverage and no signs of their killer, it was decided that pilgrim psychiatric ward would be shut down, where it was never occupied - now it stands as a shell of its former self; multiple horror stories surround the old and abandoned building.

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The abandoned district got its name for simply being just that; abandoned. Most of this area are made up of old warehouses and other buildings that no longer fit the rapid pace of Volk. Kids tend to test their bravery here, playing silly adolescent pranks and painting graffiti on the concrete walls.

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Chromium Process Co. is as old as the town, created during the industrial revolution to produce nothing other than chromium. On the outside, the building looks like any of the other abandon homes. It's dull grey bricks and dust covered windows aren't pleasing to the eye. If you manage to get inside however, you'll see there is signs of life within its walls. The place is spacious with large rooms for storage. The further you venture inside however, you begin to see it's true personality. Some rooms are filled with chains that are caked with dried blood, chairs with cuffs attached to the arms and the smell of panic in the air. On the floors pentagrams and foreign symbols are painted.

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In the summer, it's full of green and life with wildlife everywhere you look with people coming far and wide to capture some of mother nature's beauty. In the winter however, nature plays a deadly game with those who dare walk through it's trails. Ice and snow blanket the sleeping trees. Volk could only tame so much of nature before it became so much and so thick forest and large hills, mountains, lakes and streams surround it.

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